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(Updated 08/21/2018)

Midseason Update…

Well we are well into the boating season and things are going great with the club. We have had a couple of races including our Fire Cracker Challenge that went really well. I wanted to thank everyone that came out to the race and I hope we will see you again.

Currently we are getting ready for out ‘Fun Run’. We are hosting a third ‘race’ of sorts, which will be a Regatta. This will be on Aug 25. This will be a much different format than we usually host. There will be a mix of boats. From race ready, to pleasure cruise boats. ‘Play’ boats are welcome as well as pretty much any type of RC boat. If you would like to run your RC boats, please bring what you have, and we will get you on the water. This event is for racers and non-racers. We will try to accommodate all types of RC Boats at this event. Lunch will be available with a small donation for items. Here is a link to a map to the Badger Pond.  Bring your kids and have some fun.

We hope to see you out there…

If you have any questions please contact Dave Halverson at 847-613-8745.

The last race of the year for us will be in October. This is our annual Turkey Shoot. The date of the race was moved and is now October 14th. We did this to help accommodate some other clubs.

As always, one of our number 1 goals is to grow RC Boating.  The more people we have involved the better the experience.  The competition and comradery are key. 

We have added a new Facebook group that we are leaving open to the public so that any updates are seen quickly.

Click on the link below for the new Facebook Group.

Badger Model Boat Club

If you are new to RC boating or just want to watch feel free to visit the Race Information page.  We are very accommodating and will share information about boat racing and just about anything else.

New to RC Boats read below...

If you are new to RC Boating or are an 'Old Hat' but new to the area, please feel free to contact anyone on the contact us page.  Email us with your questions and we will try to give you an answer.

If you check out the Race information page, you will be able to see our upcoming races.  If there are any questions, please send an email to  We will try to respond to as quickly as we can.

If you are new to RC Boating or are interested in getting into it, please contact us and we can give you more information. 

We hope to see everyone soon!!


During the racing season we host several races, to register for these races we use a third party for the registration process. Below is the link to their website.

A new Video Clips Page will be coming soon.

Members run their boats some weekdays and most weekends.....

If you are looking for RC boating websites our Popular Links page has quite a few links to the most popular RC boating websites.

Badger Model Boat Club was founded in 1971 and has been slowly evolving as the years have passed. We are a club that is recognized by the IMPBA. Most members have been with the club or around model boating for a while and are more than willing to help new boaters in their quest to build or pilot a faster boat.

There are 2 IMPBA sanctioned races that will be held at Badger Pond this year. Go to the Race Information link to find out more.

If you would like to learn more about the club, please visit the Contact Us page.  There you will find contact information.


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